Verizon typically tries to offer a super low bundle price to get new customers. The low bundle rate usually includes a monthly discount that only lasts for the promotional period. Make sure you know what that is before signing up for a bundle. Of course if you're not happy with the normal bundle price, you can always shop around for an offer from a competing provider.

Top Rated Bundle

$94.99 Triple Play Bundle more details...

This is a great lead offer from Verizon. It includes the popular Preferred HD TV package and the super reliable 150/150Mbps Internet package and of course home phone with unlimited local and long distance. Bundle price includes no annual contract.

At a glance:

  • No annual contract.
  • 150/150mbps internet.
  • Prefered TV and Phone.

Fios Bundle Tips

triple bundle

There are some advantages to signing a longer term contract. Currently Verizon's bundle offers are available with a 2-year contract which guarantees your bundle discount for the full two years. If you there's a chance you may move (outside of Verizon's service area) within the contract period that you should probably not opt for the contract since the early termination fee can be steep.

It's common to see the bundle discount increase as you add more services. For example sometimes you can add phone service to a TV+internet bundle and pay next to nothing more. It may be possible to get a further discount by combing a home service bundle with your existing mobile plan (if you use Verizon Wireless).

Keep in mind that the advertised bundle rate is not going to be the total amount on your monthly bill, there a number of other charges that you should consider before going with the latest offer you come across.

  • Federal Subscriber line charge (added when you have home phone service)
  • TV equipment boxes: You need some kind of equipment for every TV. Sometimes the first is free and/or a promotion includes a DVR for free. Otherwise these costs are separate and extra.
  • Premium channels. Some Packages include certain premium channels, but be sure to include this cost if you plan on adding more.
  • Video on demand movies. Rates are similar to what you used to pay at your local DVD rental store, but without the inconvenience of making the trip.
  • Local and state taxes. These vary depending on where you live.
  • Regional sports network fee. Depending on where you live this help Verizon cover the costs of local sports programming fees. It is charged separately when you order a TV plan that includes those channels.

Bundle Combinations

While Verizon offers numerous Fios internet plans and numerous TV packages, not all combinations are eligible for the promotional goodies like extra bundle savings and prepaid cards. The table below outlines which combos currently featured for a bundle promo.

Internet PlanTV PlanVoice PlanFeatured
25/25 MbpsSelect HDPer Minute
25/25 MbpsSelect HDUnlimited
25/25 MbpsPreferred HDPer Minute
25/25 MbpsPreferred HDUnlimited
25/25 MbpsExtreme HDPer Minute
25/25 MbpsExtreme HDUnlimited
25/25 MbpsUltimate HDPer Minute
25/25 MbpsUltimate HDUnlimited
50/50 MbpsSelect HDPer Minute
50/50 MbpsSelect HDUnlimited
50/50 MbpsPreferred HDPer Minute
50/50 MbpsPreferred HDUnlimited
50/50 MbpsExtreme HDPer Minute
50/50 MbpsExtreme HDUnlimited
50/50 MbpsUltimate HDPer Minute
50/50 MbpsUltimate HDUnlimited
75/75 MbpsSelect HDPer Minute
75/75 MbpsSelect HDUnlimited
75/75 MbpsPreferred HDPer Minute
75/75 MbpsPreferred HDUnlimited
75/75 MbpsExtreme HDPer Minute
75/75 MbpsExtreme HDUnlimited
75/75 MbpsUltimate HDPer Minute
75/75 MbpsUltimate HDUnlimited
150/150 MbpsSelect HDPer Minute
150/150 MbpsSelect HDUnlimited
150/150 MbpsPreferred HDPer Minute
150/150 MbpsPreferred HDUnlimited
150/150 MbpsExtreme HDPer Minute
150/150 MbpsExtreme HDUnlimited
150/150 MbpsUltimate HDPer Minute
150/150 MbpsUltimate HDUnlimited

After the Promo Ends

After the promotional period ends the extra discount will stop, but the discounted bundle rate will not. Once your promotional period ends, it's a good idea to monitor your bill closely. The bundled rate is no longer guaranteed and price plan increases have typically occurred every 1-2 years. If the bill becomes too much of burden, look into downgrading one or more of your services. Since the plans themselves change every so often (i.e. bandwidth speeds keep inching up) you may be able to switch to a less expensive plan that's not much different from your current one.

If you're bill doesn't seem manageable and your thinking about switching to a different provider, we recommend calling Verizon's customer service. A lot of times when you call to cancel, they will offer a special rate or discount to keep you as a customer. Just be prepared to actually go through the hassle of switching before making that call in case they don't offer any incentives.