AT&T has an array of often confusing offers. Some give reward cards, some give big monthly discounts, and some give both. The low bundle prices usually includes some promotional savings that only last a set period of time. It's always a good idea to read the fine print so you'll know how to make the most of your bundles. AT&T keeps their updated U-verse offer details at Save a copy of this page when you signup since it does change frequently to reflect the current offer.

Top Rated Bundle

$79 Triple Play Bundle more details...

This is the lowest triple play bundle price we've seen from any provider. No doubt AT&T is trying hard to get customers to switch over from cable. It includes the base TV plan (U-Family) and Internet plan rated at 6 mbps and a 250 minute voice plan. Despite the low bundle rate this offer actually includes a DVR in the price. A 1-year term is required, but with that you get

  • Discounted bundle rate for 24 months.
  • Includes Total-Home DVR (multi-room capable).
  • Ability to stream live Tv and movies from

U-verse Bundle Tips

tv bundle

While all the AT&T U-verse bundles are available without a long-term contract, the promotional bundle discounts are not. The good news is that only a 1-year term is required and with that you'll get the bundle discount for 2 years. Just the savings in one year (i.e. $51x12=$612) is way more than the early termination fee if you had to cancel before 12 months. Unlike a lot of other providers that require a 2-year contract, AT&T's offer is better for the consumer.

When you select more expensive TV or internet plans you may see the bundle discount increase which means more savings. For example with the current triple play offer, a discount of $51/month is available on most bundles, but if you choose the Max Plus internet plan (or a higher one) and the U300 TV plan (or higher) then the bundle discount bumps up to $61/mo.

AT&T offers extra discounts when you add wireless to your bundle (and thus making a quad play). If you add a new AT&T wireless plan (AT&T Nation 450 or higher) to your U-verse Triple play or combine with an existing AT&T wireless plan, then the total bundle discount bumps up another $5 each month and this discount also lasts for for 24 months.

When deciding which bundle to go with, don't forget that the promotional bundle rate is not going to be the same as your actual bill. There are a few extra charges that can creep up on you.

  • Federal Subscriber line charge (added when you have home phone service).
  • Internet equipment lease ($6/mo for new customers leasing equipment).
  • HD Tech fee
  • TV equipment: Every TV needs a U-verse receiver in order to show U-verse programming.
  • Premium channels. Some Packages include certain premium channels, but be sure to include this cost if you plan on adding more.
  • Video on demand movies. Rates are similar to what you used to pay at your local DVD rental store, but without the inconvenience of making the trip.
  • Local and state taxes. These vary depending on where you live.

The TV equipment options are pretty simple with U-verse. Most plans include the Whole-home DVR which will cover the first TV. For each additional TV, you'll get a wireless receiver (up to 8 max) which costs $8/mo. Each receiver works in conjunction with the DVR to access recorded content. All equipment is SD and HD capable, however you must pay for HD service in order to receive HD programming. It's included in U450, but costs an additional $10/mo on all other plans.

Bundle Combos with 2 year discount

There a lots of different combinations of services, but only some are eligible for the great bundle discounts that last for 24 months. The table below shows which combos qualify for maximum savings.

Internet PlanTV PlanVoice Plan2-year Discount
Max PlusU-basicAny
Max PlusU-familyAny
Max PlusU200Any
Max PlusU300Any
Max PlusU450Any
Max TurboU-basicAny
Max TurboU-familyAny
Max TurboU200Any
Max TurboU300Any
Max TurboU450Any

Long-Term Savings

Some of the promotional bundle discounts are pretty significant, so when the promotional period is over, the difference could be quite a shock. We've found that AT&T may allow you to restart a current promotion once yours runs out. You may have to renew a term contract, but you'd get the same deal that new customers can get. A lot of other providers don't allow this kind of promo-renewing. Check online for the latest bundle deals or call AT&T and talk with a representative. Most customers just go on paying the normal non-promotional rate after the initial period because either they've forgotten or don't know that they could be eligible for a new deal.