What is Bundling?

If you've ever looked for a deal on TV, Internet, and Phone service, chances are you've come across a bundle or two.

The practice of bundling products is very common and can be found in everything from toothpaste to broadband internet to mobile phone contracts. Companies love offering bundles because it means more items sold. Consumers [usually] love bundles because they save them money.

Bundling is awesome if you know what you look for, but from what we've found companies are getting more aggressive with their bundle offers, and as a result, more customers are getting stuck in long-term contracts they didn't know they were signing up for.

Essentially, we read the fine print on bundles so you don't have to.

What To Look For In Bundles

When shopping for bundles there are a 5 key elements to look for when shopping for bundles:

  1. Offer - What's the deal?
  2. Price Per Month - What does it cost each month?
  3. Length of Contract - How long are you stuck with the service?
  4. Bonus - Did they throw anything in to sweeten the deal?
  5. Hidden Costs - Are there any hidden costs?

To see how we break these down check out our Fios Bundles Page.

Now these 5 elements may seem pretty straight forward, but when you start digging into different bundle offers, things can get a little complex.

Watch Out for Hidden Costs

Where most customers get frustrated is when it comes to "Hidden Costs."

You see, things really add up when you throw in the hidden costs of things like "installation fees", DVR Boxes, and even government taxes.

After all these fees are added on, sometimes you can pay up to 40% more than the advertised price.

Length Of Contract Can Sneak Up On You

After helping thousands of users find the right bundle for their needs, we here at BundleHelp have found that us humans are profoundly bad at estimating how long a 2-year or even a 1-year contract really is.

Let me ask you, what were you doing two years ago?

Chances are you can probably remember pretty well.

Now let me ask you, what will you be doing in 2 years?

You see, that is where most people get stuck.

It's hard to see how your life can change in the future, so when looking at bundle deals, always been wary of long contracts.

Typically the maximum we recommend for home services (broadband internet, tv, home phone), cell phone, and wireless internet plans is 2 years.

Don't think of taking a longer contract because typically they are a bad deal because cancellation costs can be expensive and really sneak up on you.

For more information about choosing the right bundle check out our "bundle tips" page.

Thanks for visiting BundleHelp and we look forward to helping you find the right bundle for your needs.